Welcome to Just Foods

Just Foods is a specialist designer producer, manufacturer and distributor of quality food products throughout the world.

We create products that allow the consumer to experience the superior rich concentrated flavours that are derived from seasonal produce harvested at its peak. We want people to enjoy the unrivaled aroma, texture and flavour that only nature can provide. We are committed to producing products that are free of colourants, artificial preservatives and flavourings - you can taste the difference using fresh products!

Our products appeal to the ever-increasing group of consumers who value a fresh quality product and the benefits to themselves and their families.


Just foods is committed to the on-going development of a quality range of complementary products which give our customers a real advantage in their business. More

Health Facts!

Spicing your food with garlic, ginger or chilli is one of the easiest ways to enhance flavour without adding calories, sodium or fat and at the same time, deliver a myriad of health benefits. More